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Iichiko Shochu Japanese Spirit 720ml

Iichiko Shochu Japanese Spirit 720ml

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Iichiko, a refreshing mugi (barely) shochu produced by the Sanwa Shurui Company in Oita Prefecture. Light, airy and aromatic, it’s not hard to see why Iichiko is one of the leading honkaku (authentic) shochus in the world.

An attractive, fruity aroma escapes from the bottle, setting the stage for what’s to come. A mild, pleasant burn builds on the tongue and is accompanied by notes of lychee, walnut and oat. This contrast of sweet and savoury hits on the first sip and grows stronger at the back of the mouth.

The next wave of flavour comes in a refreshing tartness that cleans the palate, making way for herbal, astringent qualities. Given shochu’s versatility, I experimented with a couple of different serving styles and drank the first glass neat and the second with cold water added. I found the water muted the punchier, savoury notes and let the sweetness cut through.


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