Spring Day Color Celebration!!

Spring Day Color Celebration!!

Happy Spring Day!

Recipe and image credited to Jessica Gavin, view original post here.

Spring is here, strawberries are ripe, flowers are blooming. And it's time to celebrate this colorful world! These Vietnamese colorful spring rolls are the perfect treat for spring and they are so simple and easy! The traditional recipe is the fresh shrimp rolls, but hey, it's spring! You can be creative and roll up anything you like with fruits, edible flowers, and much much more! 

Vietnamese spring roll

Shrimp Spring Roll ingredients:

Rice paper wrap, a combination of crisp lettuce, shredded carrots, thinly sliced red cabbage, bean sprouts, shrimps and vermicelli rice noodles. Simply soak the rice paper in water to soften, pre-cook the rice vermicelli noodles, and the sprimps. Once cooled, roll everything up for a delicious and healthy treat.

Dipping Sauce is very important!

For the dipping sauce, Mix few drops of sesame oil, 2 table spoon Hoisin sauce, 1 table spoon fish sauce, 1 table spoon peanut sauce and 1 table spoon rice vinegar together and Voilà!

(And if you like it spicy, chop up some fresh red chili and add them into the sauce).

spring rolls on a plate with peanut dipping sauce

Tips and reminder:

Don’t over soak the rice paper wrappers

The wrapper will still feel rigid when you remove it from the water. Don’t be tempted to soak longer than 20 seconds because it will be harder to work with. The starches in the paper become very sticky and pliable like glue when hydrated, tightly sealing in the filling.

Where to find the ingredients: 

Rice Paper Wrap

Fish Sauce

Hoisin Sauce

Vermiceli Rice Noodles

Rice Vinegar

White Sesame Oil

Peanut Sauce

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