Dried Soy Bean Stick 300g
Dried Soy Bean Stick 300g
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Dried Soy Bean Stick 300g

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The dried soy bean stick is actually thin layers of dried soy milk. The product is made traditionally by soaking soy beans over night, blend, filter, and then bring the milk to boiling. By setting the milk to dry, sheets of bean curd forms on the surface of the soy milk. Taking the bean curd and air dried allows the product to store for up to 12 months. Making it the best protein option for vegan and vegetarian.

Product Name: Elephant Mountain Dried Bean Stick

Ingredients: Soy beans, water

Shelf life: 12 months

Store in cool and shaded area and remain the package sealed.

Direction of use: Soak the dried stick in water until soft, then it can be used in stir fry, stew, deep fried, and salad etc.

Product of China


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